Our Vision

To be a worthy custodian of life’s lessons and to bestow upon every young heart that walks through our doors-the spirit of knowledge, wisdom, understanding and excellence.

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Our Mission

1st Class Christian – Based Home school

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Our Core values

• Love • Ingenuity • Faith • Excellence.

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Welcome to Ava Academy School

We are incredibly proud of the initials “A” in Ava and “A” in Academy , as they symbolize our unwavering dedication to creating an exceptional environment.  Our ultimate goal is to empower our children to be one A+ students,  excelling in all aspects of their lives,  no matter where they are in the world.


Our Curriculum

Below are the various Programs your kids get to enjoy at Ava

Foreign Languages
Music Programs
Dance Class
Art Classes
Sports Programs
Gifted & Talented Program

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At Ava Academy, your child will experiences the joy & transformative power of learning. Join us for an exciting journey of knowledge and fun. Unlock the boundless possibilities of a great future for your child. Enroll now!

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